Our story

For almost thirty years I’ve been telling the story of Rosemary and Sedgewick, bakers who live and work in Crumble Cottage, Upper Crustington, Breadfordshire. At first through intricate pen and ink drawings on Christmas cards, but latterly I was inspired to also write my first book, ‘Christmas at Crumble Cottage.’

My wife, Kym, and I work closely together to create our range. We’re both art-trained. I gained a place at Moseley School of Art at the tender age of eleven and Kym attended Central St Martins in London, gaining a BA Honours Degree in graphic design. We spent 30 years as advertising creatives before we started Crumble Cottage.

Every item is carefully designed and produced in England and we work closely with small manufacturers across the country.

I still create every image myself, starting with a pencil sketch and then on to the tricky bit, pen and ink. It’s all done by hand and each image takes about two weeks to complete.

Kym is still very hands-on too. Her handmade ‘Bunting in a Box’ is one of our most popular products. She is often found in her studio surrounded by thousands of tinkling bells.

Love is at the centre of everything we do. Love of family, community and this wonderful country. Crumble Cottage is based on old-fashioned values, often sadly missing in this frenetic world we live in today. So many people love to come into Crumble Cottage as a retreat from the stresses of life today.

In Crumble Cottage there is always the smell of freshly baked bread, the fire crackles in the grate and candles flicker on the mantle shelf. Come in to Crumble Cottage, A little piece of England, you are sure of a warm welcome.